• The National Museum of the US Air Force is showcasing additional military aircraft.
  • Aircraft exhibits change monthly.
  • Due to the high demand to see the inside of the aircraft, the museum is developing new ways to view aircraft interiors.

People visiting the National Museum of the US Air Force will get a new awe-inspiring sight. They will get to see the inside of multiple different aircraft models. Starting the month of April 2021, the US Air Force will display additional aircraft but only on Friday or Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm during a single month. 

The Air Force One, photographed by David Lusvardi

Each month they will showcase different aircraft. The aircraft schedule will be announced on the museum website in advance of every quarter. Museum-goers will be able to look around and see up close the aircraft that is currently on display. 

Like the AC-130A Spectre, a heavy gunship will be available for visitors to see on April 17th. The primary use of the AC-130A is to attack ground targets.

On May 8th, visitors will be able to see the inside of the cockpit of the F-22A Raptor, which is a maneuverable, stealthy, and very long-range supersonic jet, perfect for air superiority and air-to-ground missions.

On June 19th, the C-7A Caribou will be available for touring in the museum. It is a STOL utility transport aircraft. It has two engines which allow it to have short take-off and landings.

The museum has gotten lots of requests for people to look inside the aircraft, so they are quenching visitors’ thirst and innovating in how they show these engineering marvels. 

Every single aircraft in its way is art, almost something like a sculpture would be. The pandemic made them innovate in the way they showcase their exhibits which is a good sign for the world of museums; who knows how long it would have taken for them to potentially make this a reality if the pandemic wasn’t here. 

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